The Tourism Connecter facilitates connections between any booking system. Once the connection is made only the imagination of the guest is the limiting factor. By combing the Tourism Connecter and your existing booking system you can sell packages from your web site or over phone with a combination of your offerings and those in our region.

Affordable Plans for All Businesses

The Tourism Connecter is free to use for 1 month, after that if you have found it to be a useful tool for your business then it is only a small per booking charge (see pricing).

Easy Electronic Partnering System

With a single click you can request to partner a business in your region. This request is then authorised by the partner with another single click and you are connected.

Package by Business Mapping

Package per partner authorisation. This means you can have packages that your allow some partners to acquire and others that only a few choice partners can acquire. This also opens up the opportunity for different pricing models for different partner groups. In the case of large volume partners you may choose to offer them 'special' pricing, this is fully supported.


  1. Package 1
    Create a package that has a combination of the popular services you provide and you wish to offer this package to all partners at the normal package partner price. Then allow all partners to acquire the package.
  2. Package 2
    Create a package that is unique in your business in which you intend on marketing with a particular partner. Allow only that one partner to acquire the package.

Multi-Business Packaging System

We suggest that a Dynamic Packaging System attached to your web site is the best way to offer packages to your clients. You can use any system you wish, if your current provider does not have such as a system, we have made it easy for you by being able to offer a leading solution by Netbookings. Their software suite has many features, it is a fully featured solution that is fully integrated with the Tourism Connecter in their backend and they have many pricing models to choose from.

Examples of Mutli-Businss Packages:

  1. Bathe & Stay for Two
    • Hot Springs Bathing for two
    • 1 night stay at Peppers Moonah Links Resort
  2. Bathe, Massage, Bed & Breakfast
    • Hot Springs Bathing for two
    • 1Hr relaxation massage for two
    • 1 night stay at Cape Schanck Resort
    • Gourmet cooked breakfast
  3. Catch & Stay Pamper Package
    • Fishing Charter for two
    • 1Hr relaxation massage for two
    • Dinner for two at the local Thai Cuisine
    • 1 night stay at Woodman Estate Luxury Country Hotel
    • Gourmet Breakfast