Dynamic Packaging with Tourism Connecter

A packaging system is required to build multi-business packages as they can have any elements from different local partners.

We have partnered with Netbookings to bridge the gap if your current system provider does not have this technology. They provide a system that can book the following elements of a package: Accommodation, Tours & Activities, Spa Treatments, Bathing, Hire and much more.

This leading edge technology has until now been out of reach for small and mediim size business due to the large budgets, staff training and ongoing maintenance required, but any business can now gain access to this at a very affrordable price.

Netbookings Packaging System and Tourism Connecter

Video about how to connect with partners, issue packages and how to make booking for your new mullti-business packages via Netbookings and Tourism Connecter.

Duration: 6:07mins